Title Companies

Title insurance companies' are an impartial third party which offer escrow services on transactions for which they are issuing title insurance and do not represent the buyer or the seller.
A title insurance policy protects against title defects, liens and encumbrances existing as of the date of the policy and not excepted from coverage. For a one-time premium, the policy remains in effect until the property is sold or refinanced.

Some of the tasks an escrow agent may perform are as follows:

  • Order payoff information on existing liens;
  • Calculate and prorate taxes, liens, interest, rents and insurance policies;
  • Arrange for title insurance protection for the buyer and lender;
  • Pay costs and liens as agreed upon by the parties to the transaction;
  • Close the transaction after all instructions from buyer and seller have been satisfied;
  • Prepare a closing statement for the parties to the transaction, showing disposition of funds in the transaction; and
  • Arrange for recording of the conveyancing documents and any other legal instruments necessary to transfer title to the property pursuant to the purchase agreement.
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