Historic Phoenix

Homes in Historic Phoenix, AZ
Downtown Phoenix is not only the Valley’s center for business and culture, but it is a collection of unique neighborhoods and districts. From the burgeoning art scene down Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue, to the funky restaurants of Evans-Churchill, as well as wonderful housing options in some of Phoenix’s oldest neighborhoods like Garfield, Willo and Grant Park. Downtown Phoenix truly has it all. Vintage Homes range from charming 800 square foot Bungalows to luxurious Spanish Colonials sprawling over 5000 square feet. These "one-of-a-kind" properties beg to be lived in, loved and cherished. Some sport panoramic views of downtown or Central Avenue high rises… Others sit quietly on a block of mature trees, flowers and solitude … All of these homes make up an area with distinctively different architecture and most importantly, a sense of place and belonging. To own a home that looks like nothing else in the neighborhood. To select an exterior paint that doesn’t dress another home on the block, but fits yours like a fine suit. To sit on your front porch and watch the evolution of an area is inestimable. These are the Historic neighborhoods where most know your name and share in a closeness not achieved elsewhere in the city. These are areas to take PRIDE in, to covet, to enhance with your own special ideas.