Biltmore Area

The Biltmore is a neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. It includes some of the city's most upscale residences, largely due to its location, near the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. The local landmark has been around since the 1920s. Its grounds and golf courses are surrounded by some of the most exclusive homes in the Valley of the Sun. This area has recently gained the attention of its residents because of its upscale shopping, dining, and location. To the east, several mid-rise offices and condos line what is known as the "Camelback Corridor". The Biltmore neighborhood looks like the Midwest, but with palms and the occasional citrus tree. Magenta bougainvillea explodes in unexpected spots, and lush oleanders provide walls of privacy. But the desert isn't far. The neighborhood hugs the Arizona Biltmore Resort, the sprawling, cool gray stone hotel built in the late 1920's by disciples of Frank Lloyd Wright with some help from the master himself, and it's not unusual to spot locals planted in the deep couches in the lobby bar. The hotel even offers room service to some of the nearby condos. The Arizona Canal, now used to funnel irrigation water throughout the city, is the Biltmore area's Main Street. Neighbors walk, run and bike along it, and their dogs develop close personal relationships on it.

Homes for Sale in the Biltmore Area